What is Spiritual Accompaniment?

Spiritual* Accompanist / n/ someone who travels alongside you in order to nurture your individual spirit and support you in finding your own path.


That means that we'll take the journey together, at your pace. Through deep listening to YOUR spiritual story you can be empowered to explore a deeper relationship with yourself, your earthly companions (human and non-human), and with that which we know as The Great Mystery. 


In our time together I... 

  • offer deep listening which helps you find and follow your own spiritual path

  • ask insightful, open-ended questions that help you connect with your authentic self

  • allow space for stillness and silence (contemplation) to help you become aware of what is deep within 

  • build trust and openness by being authentic, kind, and open myself

  • do not proselytize, nor seek to influence or convince, but instead go alongside you as you make YOUR individual and unique spiritual journey

  • honor the free will and discernment of each human being, especially in spiritual matters


What do people talk about with a Spiritual Accompanist? Ultimately, the topic and duration are up to you. My background and training give me particular insight in these areas: 

  • exploring your religious/ spiritual/ faith questions

  • finding a faith home

  • curating your own spiritual resources

  • integrating spiritual practices into your life

  • parenting and care giving

  • examining your spiritual or faith trauma (and deciding whether you need professional mental health support to continue your healing)

If you are seeking a companion on this Winding Path, please reach out! It will be my honor to travel with you. 

*Lots of people wonder what that word "spiritual" or "spirituality" means! I have a short definition that sums it up for me:  “the awareness of the gap between what you can experience and what you can describe” and a connection to something/someone beyond yourself and deeply within yourself. What's your definition? 

Spiritual Accompaniment (Coaching) is NOT Therapy.

Before we get started together, I want to be sure you're in the right place and getting the right help. Please know that I'm not a trained therapist and cannot provide therapy. Coaching is a very powerful tool for meeting your goals, having someone to walk your path with you, and feeling less alone in your journey.

The fundamental differences between therapy and coaching are important. Therapists assess, diagnose, and treat mental illness. As such, therapists often focus their work on identifying and reducing symptoms. Coaches motivate and encourage people to achieve specific goals. Because it does not involve identifying and reducing symptoms, coaches often describe their work as being more positive in nature.

If you feel like you'd like to talk with a therapist, please let me know. We can arrange a consultation with a therapist to talk about who would be the best fit for you.