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Welcome to Your Wandering Path

Congratulations on taking the next step towards spiritual wholeness! I am here to travel with you on YOUR personal journey. 

I am a life-long seeker, wanderer, and sometimes worshiper excited to meet you and explore your life's path with you. I hold a BA and MA in English composition and writing, am currently pursuing a MA in theology with a concentration in chaplaincy and pastoral care. I hold certificates in Life Coaching and Spiritual Life Coaching from Transformation Academy.


Your spiritual health, healing, and personal expression are my calling.


I consider my work Spiritual* Accompaniment: 

Spiritual Accompanist / n/ someone who travels alongside you in order to nurture your individual spirit and support you in finding your own path. I accompany individuals seeking a deeper, richer connection with their inner light and the light around them through spiritual coaching, leadership coaching, and parenting coaching. 


That means that we'll take the journey together, at your pace. Through deep listening to YOUR spiritual story you can be empowered to explore a deeper relationship with yourself, your earthly companions (human and non-human), and with that which some call The Great Mystery.