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About Me

I accompany individuals seeking a deeper, richer connection with their inner light and the light around them through spiritual, leadership, and parenting coaching. Yes! All of these are entry points to developing our fullest, brightest selves.

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What is Spiritual Accompaniment? 

Spiritual Accompanist / n/ someone who travels alongside you in order to nurture your individual spirit and support you in finding your own path.  


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How Do You Define Spirituality? 

Boy Howdy, is this a loaded term, or what? I feel that most of us have our own definitions of this term and relate to it in strong ways --good, bad, rarely neutral. For me, the term generally means “the awareness of the gap between what you can experience and what you can describe” and a connection to something beyond yourself and deeply within yourself. I also believe that many daily activities such as leadership and parenting can emerge from our spirituality AND these activities can become practices which increase our connectivity to our light.

More importantly, how do YOU define the term? Do you consider yourself spiritual? Spiritual but not religious? Religous but not spiritual? A seeker? Uncertain? All of the above? Wonderful! Any and all of these answers are the perfect starting place for our work together. 


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